Into The Garden. A Patina Green Farm-to-Table Event.

They say that rain on a wedding day brings the bride and groom good luck. It also brings a certain level of excitement (slash panic) to an outdoor dinner for 100. Thankfully, the last bit of "good luck" drops came and went as the first guests arrived, replacing that sinking feeling with a kick-ass-and-take-names approach that continued ALL. THROUGH. THE. NIGHT...and right up to the standing ovation.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas


Replace the "see" with taste, and you have defined the evening.  Artists, taking the ordinary and arranging them in ways to make them extrordinary; a backyard turned into an oasis and simple ingredients masterfully crafted into 12 courses; all with the focused intention of creating an unforgettable experience for the attendees.

"All the beets" Matthew McCallister

farm to table dinner setting
PG Garden Dinner-17.jpg
Chef Robert's famous Popcorn appetizer.

Heirloom Popcorn. Robert Lyford

The food was playful and the anticipation of each dish electric. The courses were served family style and placed on wood stumps arranged every 2-3 feet on long farm tables covered with live moss. A salad was given to guests as a present in a closed paper box that had to be opened. Tin cans were the clever vessels for Chef Robert's "Pork and Beans". Other courses were served in mismatched vintage dishes, emphasizing the artistic yet relaxed atmosphere of the evening.

"Pork & Beans" Heritage Pork Collar,Yellow Indian Woman Beans, McKinney Carrots, Charred Rapini from the winter. Robert Lyford

Charred Sweet Onions, Lemon Thyme, Foraged ChanterellesMatthew McCallister

As Kaci, Luann and I took a breather, we looked out onto lawn and upon the happenings of a fabulous dinner party. I turned to the mother/daughter duo and said, "Look. There are YOUR's the Patina Green people''. In the garden we saw a community of farmers, chefs, and real food enthusiasts brought together for the evening by two of the movement's most passionate members. Looking back, it was without a doubt a "best of 2016" moment for the Patina Green Home and Market crew.

*Many thanks to the Cavalier Family for allowing us to host this event in your beautiful home. Thank you to Chef Joey Dawkins for joining us in the kitchen and a special thanks to Chef Matthew McCallister with FT33 for working alongside Chef Robert and creating unforgettable dishes and moments for our Dinner in the Garden.

To see all the mouthwatering moments from this event, view the slideshow below.

photography and writing by Melinda Ortley

June 11, 2016

Chef Robert Lyford, Patina Green

Chef Matt McCallister, FT33

Heirloom Popcorn, Peanuts, House Cured Olives, Biscuits w/ Ribbon Cane & the Good Butter. Robert Lyford
Summer Squash, Feta, Oregano, Blackberry
Matthew McCallister
Local Produce. Fresh and Preserved Air Dried Beef.
Robert Lyford
Fried Egg & Coriander Caper Custard, Half sour Bok Choy, Puffed Rice, Aleppo.  
Matthew McCallister
Charred Sweet Onions, Lemon Thyme, Foraged Chanterelles
Matthew McCallister
East Texas Heirloom Tomatoes, Sprouted Rye Berries, Linda's Green Beans, Strained YogurtRobert Lyford
All the beets . . .
Matthew McCallister
Duck Liver chicory Mousse, Barley Miso, wild Berry Mostarda, Brioche.
Matthew McCallister
Raw Milk Ricotta, Grass Fed Beef Bolo, Grits cooked in the Whey.
Robert Lyford
"Pork & Beans" Heritage Pork Collar, Yellow Indian Woman Beans, McKinney Carrots, Charred Rapini from the winter
Robert Lyford
Peaches, Brown Butter, Financier, Chamomile.
Matthew McCallister
Chocolate Pudding, Anglaise, Cornbread, Agarita
Robert Lyford

Dallas Supper Club

“There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”  Oscar Levant

Genius or insanity? We pulled out all the stops for our dinner with the Dallas Supper Club, and the votes are in: 90% genius and 10% insanity. Isn't that the definition of an unforgettable party?  Here's a playful peak into our planning.

"Find the perfect location . . . not just a wedding venue, but a place in Dallas that feels like Patina Green . . . a unique space like Christopher Nastri's amazing photography studio with vintage pieces AND a totally blank room that we can make our own."

"Tables! UGH. We can't serve dinner on plain rental tables with boring white table cloths. Not for a farm inspired dinner!  Our friend Kevin is a craftsman and he can build tables using 100-year old wood from our Evergreen barn in East McKinney.

Centerpieces?? We always do wildflowers in vases.  What about fresh veggies in vases?  Better yet . . . Let's have our friends at Cartermere Farms plant an actual REAL - LIVING - ORGANIC garden down the middle of each table!  Guests can pick a carrot from the dirt and munch between courses!

But where will we serve the food if there is a garden (freestanding and without containers) down the middle of the table?  We could use wood slices as serving boards - as trivets - and our friend Tim can make them from fallen trees on his farm."

"The food will be interactive too - that's what a good party is all about.  Chef Robert will create a picnic style menu with packaged food.  Let's not use any plates . . . but paperboats, paper bags, paper and string, and to-go boxes.  There won't be a printed menu, so guests won't know what is coming next!"


"Since Peticolas Brewing Company will be supplying the beverages, Robert will design a menu with all of his favorite foods that pair with beer  drinking.  

We will ask Ali with Rare Edibles to provide the cheese . . . and we will find her an antique cart to wheel the cheese in . . . and what if she brought her goats?!  That's a whole new meaning to "farm-to-table"!



Beer: Come & Take It
Ricotta Dumplings & Chicken Cracklings
Smoked Head Cheese on Toast


Beer: Pick Hammer
Wagyu Jerky, Aleppo Chili Peanuts, Goat Cheese Popcorn
Deviled Pullet Eggs & Pickled Ramps from Last Spring

Beer: Alfred Brown
Smoked Cheddar Biscuits & Cornbread
Ribbon Cane Syrup & the Good Butter


Broccoli, Radish, Kimchi, Kewpie, Benne
Beets, Cabbage, Rye Berries, Goat Yogurt
Cauliflower, Kale, Carrots, Pancetta, Preserved Lemon
Jan. Tomatoes, Dandelion Greens & Vinegar, Farmstead Cheese, Farro


Beer: Sit Down or I'll Sit You Down
Short Rib Pastrami, Smoked Sausage
Megan's Sweet Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Spicy Mustard


Beer: A Lost Epic
Ali's Cheese, Robert’s Jam & Pickles, The Theodore's Bread


Beer: Wintervention
Chocolate Torte, Preserved Blackberry, Spiced Oats

"So, this was fun. Kind of insane . . . did we really just bring goats into a sit down dinner in Dallas?  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we had a blast so . . . let's do it again . . .but totally different! What if we . . . ???"


Want to throw an awesome party like this?  Call us!  We are booking private parties at Patina Green, as well as taking outside catering for special events.  Send us an email.


Photo Gallery taken by Robert Bostick Photography

"Let Them Eat . . . Chocolate"

I am positive that the history books had it all wrong. Marie Antoinette definitely said "Let them eat chocolate". And even if "cake" did slip out, she totally meant "chocolate", because as we all know, chocolate is the most adored of all the confections.

Our Wiseman House Chocolates are a perfect gift and make hosting guests a breeze! If you are not local to McKinney and can't get by the store, we have two chocolate gift baskets in our online Holiday Shop this year; Chocolate Addict and Chocolate Rehab . . . and yes, they are THAT good!

For a refreshing drink, pair with Belvoir Farms Elderflower Presse.  We fell in love with this sparkling lemonade while in England shopping for treasures.  An exquisitely scented blend of freshly picked elderflowers, fresh lemon juice and sparkling spring water.  Serve Elderflower Pressé chilled as a sophisticated and refreshing alternative to alcohol at any time, or add white wine for an aromatic spritzer. It also creates fabulous cocktails when mixed with gin or vodka.



Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Presse

Stone Bowl
$55 Small
$85 Large

Galvinized Flower Bucket

Zinc Square Container
$28 Small
$40 Medium
$55 Large

Antique Pewter Plate

Preserved Botanical Bouquet
$15 - $30 a bundle
$50 Forever Bouquet

Wiseman House Toffee
$3 each

Wiseman House Truffle
$1.75 each

And Then, There's Tradition

Let's face it. There's no other time of year that you can place pumpkins on the table and get away with it. In fact, we're down to the final days to carry out this tradition. Let's do it in style. Start with a great container. Add a few dried botanicals, and you're in business.

And let's not forget a Patina Green tradition . . . Robert's Limited Batch jams and jellies for the holiday season. If you haven't heard, he's been busy this year, and "limited batch" is definitely an appropriate description.

Robert's preserves, made with locally sourced fruit, will be in our market and ready for purchase starting this holiday weekend.  Grab them when you have the chance!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for walking alongside of us this year as our business has evolved. We appreciate you.

Thanks again for making this year, and every year since we opened,
a great one at Patina Green!

Papier Mache Bowl
$75 - $145

Dried Botanicals
$15 - $30

French Breadboard
$75 - $300

Antique French Linen Sack

Pine Farmhouse Table

Limited Batch Jam

Housemade Crostini

Noir et Blanc

Fall decorating isn't black and white . . . well, in this case, IT IS!

The holiday table is not required to host a barrage of orange or even red and green. Putting together monochrome objects is simple and quick, yet yields a surprisingly sophisticated look. We combined some of our favorite black and white (noir et blanc) items for a bold display, full of contrast and conversation starters.

Robert's antique cast iron pans paired with white corona beans give a nod to the usual Thanksgiving traditions, but in a unique and interesting way.

It's kinda fun to have "duck" on the table, without having, well, duck on the table!

State Fair Grand Champion Bull (vintage) Sign

Antique Duck Decoy

Stoneware Bowls
$40 - $65

Vintage General Store Notepads
$12 (set of 3)

Rancho Gordo Beans

Mixed Silverplate Flatware
$4 a piece

Ironstone Dishes


Don't Put Away The Picnic Basket

Yes. The time for an impromptu picnic is probably over, but those things that are seemingly "summer" don't need to be packed away. Inspired by holiday entertaining and merrymaking ahead, Luann arranged this centerpiece. The focal point is a beautiful vintage picnic basket. With a custom dried floral arrangement on one side, and a stack of vintage plates on the other, the picnic basket becomes a casual and unexpected serving station: chic,  beautiful, and totally Patina Green.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for a list of all the items we used in this display. We would love to help you recreate this look for your own gathering or help you come up with something completely new.

Blog Images-7.jpg

Hawkeye Regrigerator Picnic Basket

Belgium Wine Bottle
$65 - $125

Custom Dried Floral Arrangement

Ironstone Dishes

Mixed Silverplate Flatware
$4 a piece

The Feast-Cultivate Red Blend wine

Pine Farmhouse Table