"Life should always be like this....like lingering over a good meal"

-janet fitch

2.5 hours. 34 seats. One night a month. Our market dinners are as much about the experience of dining as they are the food. We begin with seasonal farm fresh, local vegetables and ethically sourced meat because we believe great food always begins with honest, real ingredients.

Flavor profiles are meticulously planned. Preparation can begin years in advance using chef's own personal ferments.

The food is upscale but relatable. There are no servers. The 5 courses and snacks are delivered straight out of the kitchen to your table by the chef, kitchen manager, pastry chef and staff. 

We break the rules. One wine may be served with two courses so you can taste the subtleties. Courses may come out slowly or overlap for an intentional layering of flavor.

The experience is special because isn't that what dining out should be?

See the calendar for Market Dinner dates, details, and ticket availablity.

A beverage tasting of sustainable wines and local beer is also available at an additional fee.

*Our kitchen will accommodate any dietary restrictions.