"Let Them Eat . . . Chocolate"

I am positive that the history books had it all wrong. Marie Antoinette definitely said "Let them eat chocolate". And even if "cake" did slip out, she totally meant "chocolate", because as we all know, chocolate is the most adored of all the confections.

Our Wiseman House Chocolates are a perfect gift and make hosting guests a breeze! If you are not local to McKinney and can't get by the store, we have two chocolate gift baskets in our online Holiday Shop this year; Chocolate Addict and Chocolate Rehab . . . and yes, they are THAT good!

For a refreshing drink, pair with Belvoir Farms Elderflower Presse.  We fell in love with this sparkling lemonade while in England shopping for treasures.  An exquisitely scented blend of freshly picked elderflowers, fresh lemon juice and sparkling spring water.  Serve Elderflower Pressé chilled as a sophisticated and refreshing alternative to alcohol at any time, or add white wine for an aromatic spritzer. It also creates fabulous cocktails when mixed with gin or vodka.



Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Presse

Stone Bowl
$55 Small
$85 Large

Galvinized Flower Bucket

Zinc Square Container
$28 Small
$40 Medium
$55 Large

Antique Pewter Plate

Preserved Botanical Bouquet
$15 - $30 a bundle
$50 Forever Bouquet

Wiseman House Toffee
$3 each

Wiseman House Truffle
$1.75 each