A "Jam" Of A Day Judging at the State Fair of Texas

Big Tex looms over what is the largest and undoubtedly, the most iconic state fair in our country.  Among the sea of fried food offerings, you might wonder how Chef Robert fits in to the mix, where every trip through the silver gates ends up feeling like a glorious Fat Tuesday celebration.

Then we received a letter.


"It's so humbling to be asked to judge, especially since we all know that some of these entries were submitted by folks that have been canning longer than I've been alive, and using the same recipes that THEIR grandmothers used!"

Chef tested over 250 jams and jellies; from tropical fruit jam to hot dill pickles and everything in between. There were a few major sugar highs and a crash or two, but always another taste of something to even it all out.

"As I was looking out onto the tables filled with jars, I realized that each one was made by someone that shares the same passion and enthusiasm for canning and preserving that I do."

And in the end, there can be only one Blue Ribbon in each category. Head over to the Creative Arts building when the fair opens on September 29th and see who took home the ribbons this year!

Update 08/25/17


The results are in. Head over to the State Fair of Texas Website or CLICK HERE to see who won!