rotating texas craft beers

The beer selection at Patina Green Home & Market has been thoughtfully selected from the fast evolving, craft beer industry in Texas.  

The line up features beer crafted in small batches, made locally, and best served straight from the can. 

The selection constantly rotates due to seasonality, availability, and our passion for trying them all.


our curated wine collection

domestic * Organic * Biodynamic * Sustainable

Organic wines are made from organically grown grapes, avoiding any synthetic additives and are also made without any added sulfites.

Biodynamic is similar to organic farming in that both take place without chemicals, but biodynamic farming incorporates holistic ideas about a vineyard as an ecosystem, use of animals, compost, strological influences, and lunar cycles.   

Sustainability refers to a range of practices that are not only ecologically sound, but also socially responsible.

Sustainable farmers may farm largely organically or biodynamically but have the flexibility to choose what works best for their property.  They also focus on energy and water conservation, use of renewable resources, and other environmental issues.