"Real food doesn't have ingredients. Real food IS ingredients."

-jaime oliver


Local Produce (2).jpg

Anson Mills,  Organic Heirloom Grains
Baugh Farms, Local Produce
Cartermere Farms, Local Produce & Eggs
Eden Hill Farm, Local Produce
Emery Family Farms, Local Produce

Full Quiver Farm, Cheese and Dairy
Greer Farm, Seasonal Berries & Produce
Highway 19 - Seasonal Berries & Produce

Johnson's Backyard Garden, Local Produce
Jubilant Field, Local Produce
Local Yocal Farm to Market
, All Natural & Pasture Raised Meats
Mill King Dairy, Milk & Cheese
Pure Land Organics, Local Produce
Rancho Gordo, Heirloom Beans

Sky View Farm, Local Produce
Stonebranch Farms, Local Produce & Cut Flowers
Windy Meadow’s Family Farm, Pasture Raised Chicken
Bonton Farms, Honey
Crazy Water, Mineral Water
Empire Baking Company, Bread & Pastry
Gourmet Texas Pasta, Pasta
Harold's, Pickles
Homestead Gristmill, Grains, Oats & Corn
Luscombe Farm, Jalapeno Jellies
Oak Cliff Coffee, Direct Trade Coffee
Texas Olive Ranch, Olive Oil & Vinegar
Tortilleria Mexico, Tortilla Chips & Tostada
Wackym’s Kitchen, Cookies
Wiseman House, Artisan Chocolates
Zhi Tea, Organic Tea