our story.

Patina Green HOME & Market is an artisanal production.

We stock products that are hand crafted, minimally processed, locally sourced, and seasonally inspired.

Our food is REAL. We celebrate and respect the farms and animals it comes from, the people who grew it, raised it, and prepared it.

We serve food with integrity. The menu is evolving daily, we use meticulous preparations, and we stress the importance of sustainability and seasonality. We are truly a farm-to-table restaurant.

At Patina Green, objects have a story and a soul.

We collect vintage home accessories that not only inspire, but also fill rooms with life and beauty.

Timeless pieces that are of the moment. Sophisticated but never stuffy. Edgy but elegant. Local or from across the globe.

Our inventory is an ever-evolving mix of modern day and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for the home. Everything is for sale.

In the end, it’s about the people, not the stuff, that fills our life. 

The best part of our job is that we work with family and share our days and evenings with friends. Somewhere along the way, we hope the Patina Green lifestyle inspires others and makes a difference in our client's everyday routine. We should embrace the treasures left behind, respect our environment, appreciate the beauty in nature, and nourish our bodies with real food.

Robert Lyford, Market Chef
Kaci Lyford, Interior Designer
Luann Van Winckel, Retailer & Mom